Hearing Climate Change in NYC - Concert Program

This concert and the other two concerts I will be doing as a part of this project (August 8th in Red Hook and September 25th in the Bronx) are all sponsored by the Puffin Foundation. The grant funded the three commissions by Chloe Rowlands, Jen Baker, and Yaz Lancaster that I will be premiering on each concert. Each commission is tied to a specific location that has been / will be affected by climate change. Chloe Rowlands' piece The Water Rises which I am premiering on July 12th is inspired by the sea level rise at Battery Park. If you are interested in tipping me for the project or for the performance, please find me on Venmo at @Kate-Amrine and at Paypal at kateamrine@gmail.com


Golden Hour by Cait Nishimura

Dark is a Way by Alice Jones

The Water Rises by Chloe Rowlands 

Cassiopeia by Ariel Marx

Boston Bucolic by John Secunde

Eclipse by Marisa Youngs

Thoughts on the Death of a Tree by Skye Van Duuren

Climate Change in NYC - What can I do to make a difference?

While everyone knows about some things that are helpful to stop climate change (like eating less meat, recycling, biking instead of driving, not getting takeout containers or plastic straws when possible), there are some other real actionable and powerful things that we can all do to slow climate change. 

1. Put your money where your mouth is. Support green businesses that use and support sustainable practices. Consider not supporting huge corporations that have historically contributed to climate change. 

2. Get out and Vote. The more people in power who see the way of the future, it will be much easier to enact change on a larger scale - from things like drafting legislation to even just raising awareness to being vegan by being elected for example. 

3. Consider the small things that you can do to make a difference. Shop local, compost, try and be as zero waste as possible. These things won't stop the fire in the Gulf of Mexico but they are small steps we can all do. 

4. Reuse and recycle goes for more than just cans and bottles. What can you buy more of second hand and donate to area fridges, shelters, and thrift stores for someone else to use instead of throwing in the trash?

5. Avoid driving places when you can bike, take a bus, or a train instead. Check out other renewable energy sources from solar panels and ways to conserve energy in spaces you frequent. 


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Thanks to covid 19 and the pandemic I have been spending all of my time at home and I now have a solid home recording set up. I've been so lucky to record on a variety of tracks during this time across many genres including musical theater, classical, experiemental, commercial, rock, and more. If you are interested in having me record trumpet, piccolo, or flugelhorn on your track please do not hesitate to contact me. I use a Royer r10 ribbon mic w a cloudlifter and an SM57 mic with  a Behringer interface into Logic Pro. I use Final Cut Pro to edit my videos. You can find recording samples on my youtube channel and social media pages. 

Here are some of other people's projects that I had the lovely experience of recording on. 


Astortango - a piazzolla inspired tango for trumpet and string quartet by Jason Nitsch

Dark is a way by Alice Jones - part of her #tinyefforts2021 project

As I Am - composed by me - combined with beautiful sculptures by William Christenberry at HEMPHILL Galleries 

Christmas Kings County Brass Quintet Concert


Same Shade of Blue from Our Cartoon President TV Show - created by Stephen Colbert

Same Shade of Blue reprise from Our Cartoon President TV Show

Indie Rock and Experimental


River by Martin Boudreau

Echoes by Martin Boudreau

She Walks it Like She Talks it by Electragaaz

Dancing with the Queen of Hearts by Electragaaz

Musical Theater

Whisper House - off broadway first look at 59E59 St Theater

You're Nothing Without Me from City of Angels w Quentin Garzon and his crew

Seventeen from Heathers w Quentin Garzon and his crew

Feed Me from Little Shop of Horrors w Qentin Garzon and his crew

Defying Gravity from Wicked with Marc Sokolson and friends