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Album Reviews:

International Trumpet Guild Journal

“An accomplished performer, educator, composer, music contractor, and commissioner of new works, Kate Amrine is the epitome of the 21st century renaissance artist” 

“With all of the work, craft, and support involved in this project, one hopes that more will soon be coming from Kate Amrine and friends”


Textura Magazine: Kate Amrine’s As I Am


Textura Magazine presents “Backtracking”
– A Description of each track on As I am 


“Kate Amrine’s new album “As I Am” is a beautiful statement. Kate’s creativity, curiosity and level of engagement with modern music is inspiring. I hope there are more concerts and albums to come from this exciting new instrumentalist and composer.”
– Peter Evans, trumpeter and composer  (International Contemporary Ensemble, John Zorn, Wet Ink Ensemble, and more)


Guest post on Mouthpiece Online blog 

I had a great time answering questions from curator John Hutchinson and writing about marketing / branding and building a career as a musician. 


Interview with Bugles Media

This interview is from many many years ago so it is a true throwback. Here’s a quote that I was very surprised to read and enjoy its relevance today. ” I don’t ever want to feel like I have arrived. I always want to continue to create and make an impact.”


Other Reviews:

Kate Amrine’s solo show of music inspired by politics and social concepts – 9/21/18

I was so surprised to hear that Rebecca S Lentjes would be in the audience reviewing my solo show at Arete on William Lang’s Tuesday Mega power concert series. She wrote some amazing things about my performance including this gem:

“She followed Anx with another of her own compositions, As I Am, which was written about her experiences with dating. The wandering, seemingly aimless legato melodies of As I Am reminded me of my own trials and tribulations navigating the NYC dating scene. Just as with a new music concert, you never know what you’re gonna get when you meet up with your latest Tinder match, a familiar sensation of curiosity and dread that was perfectly evoked by the deceptive simplicity of Amrine’s piece.”


NY Times review of A Far Cry at BAM’s Next Wave production of “Crossing” by Matthew Aucoin – 10/14/17

I had such an an amazing experience playing with everyone and creating this magical production together in fall 2017.

“The music grabbed me from the start. The orchestra rustles with spiraling, jagged arpeggios and frenetic ascending riffs — grounded, just barely, by pedal tones that swell and then disappear. Lyrical fragments try to coalesce into a melodic line, but keep you off guard. The music is so spiked with dissonance, clusters and wayward chords that it seems boldly modernist, even when the harmonies are tonally anchored………..After Whitman’s reconciliation with the dying Wormley, he is left asking, again, “What is it, then, between us?” The chorus joins him, now in contemporary street clothes, a reminder that at a time when America is roiling with division, the question is as pertinent as ever.” – Anthony Tommasini


Autumn Salon – premiering 10 pieces with trombonist Jake Elkin and flutist Michelle Stockman, presented by Concert Timbre and the Asian Women Composers Association. – 11/23/17

“well executed…well received…the trumpet writing is particularly demanding and requires a great deal of finesse to execute the complex intervallic music.” – Josh Oxford


Ragtime on Ellis Island – 8/9/2016

I had an amazing time joining the orchestra for this performance in 2016.  The whole production was unbelievably amazing to be a part of and you can watch some videos of the performance here. 


My first recital playing new music on a concert series at a church in Brooklyn. – 12/12/15

I performed a few solo pieces and a couple trumpet trios with two colleagues back in 2015. It was a complete surprise that the show got reviewed. 

“All three perform well together with considerable elan and accuracy.”