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Solos - with Orchestra, Jazz Band, and more

eGALitarian Brass Band

Trumpet Solos w Electronics 

Whisper House - Trailer - 59E59th Theatre

Spark Duo

This is My Letter to the World is an exploration of music for trumpet inspired by politics and social concepts. In her second album, Kate Amrine chooses to address pressing topics facing each of us including gun violence, abortion rights, discrimination, climate change, feminism, identity, immigration, and more.These works are meant to start a conversation and inspire people to reflect. Featuring compositions by Gemma Peacocke, Jacob TV, Niloufar Nourbakhsh, Ruby Fulton, Kevin Joest, inti figgis-vizueta, Jay Rizzetto, and Howie Kenty, Kate Amrine explores the various textural possibilities on the trumpet.

eGALitarian Brass - Classical Quintet

Alice by Heart - Cast Album

Astortango for Trumpet and Strings

As I Am is Kate Amrine’s debut album featuring new music for trumpet by women composers. This album includes a wide range of contemporary trumpet playing, from lyrical melodic lines to improvisation to extended techniques. The CD includes music for solo trumpet, flugelhorn, trumpet and piano, trumpet and electronics, trumpet + harp + electronics, and a chamber piece with flute and violin. The album presents music by Alexandra Gardner, Ariel Marx. Jennifer Higdon, Jessica Rudman, Jinhee Han, Ledah Finck, Nicole Piunno, and Kate Amrine.