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Recital at the Women Composers Festival of Hartford

I am very excited to be presenting a mini recital as part of the Music Marathon for the Women Composers Festival of Hartford!

This festival is the second festival I have performed at that is dedicated to women – from artists to entrepreneurs. It is truly an honor to be here among other composers and performers who are also passionate about performing music by women! I had a conversation with someone on my trip up here on the train and he asked me what the significance of women composers was – both for this festival and my own CD project. It is an interesting question and one that I of course have gotten before (yet usually in more hostile ways). As a non musician and someone who is semi removed from the NYC music scene, this person was genuinely interested and curious as to this connection. When I told him how women composers and performers in some cases were underrepresented in orchestras, music education, and many other situations, he connected with that statement – recognizing only a few women in his experiences working as an engineer. I am excited to be in a position with this festival and my own projects to contribute to raising awareness and changing the culture!

You find out more about the rest of the festival here:

My program features the following pieces:

“Red Sky – I. Awakening” by Peri Mauer “Monterey Letters” – Nicole Piunno excerpts from “Trumpet Songs” by Jennifer Higdon “Elegy” – Jessica Rudman “Yaygara” – Jin Hee Han

I am so excited to feature some of these pieces on my upcoming CD. You can find out more about that in previous blog posts and here:

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