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Robinson’s Remedies – Lip Renew – the best lip product EVER

Happy new year and welcome to 2018!

Since it is Thursday, I’m going to celebrate #ThrowbackThursday and take you on a trip back to my 2017 Christmas gig experience. So on Christmas Eve I played an hour concert and then an hour Mass – ending with the Hallelujah chorus at 1:45 AM. Ouch! Then I got home at 3 or so and woke up at 6:30 to play an 8 am service, followed by services at 9, 10:30, 12, and 1:15. Ouch!!

Honestly, I was never one of those people that had chops of steel and I really was more of one of those people always worrying about my face. I used to use lots of stuff on my lips from brands we have all heard of but then I discovered Robinson’s Remedies Lip Renew. One of my colleagues sent me a sample and it completely blew me away – so thank you again Irvin for sending it my way when I was so clearly in need!!!

I have been trying to find the best way to talk about this amazing product because it has saved me countless times but then after all of the Christmas gigs it really blew me away.

I had never had the experience of performing with so little sleep so I was definitely tired and it was a bit of a challenge mentally to stay focused and positive throughout the many services. As the services went on I could feel how tired I was physically – my body felt slow and sluggish and don’t even get me started on how my lips felt! Some of you may have seen my posts on instagram or Facebook about Robinson’s Remedies but it really is a magical product that feels like **endurance in a tube**. It honestly totally saved my face during those gigs and it was a striking comparison to how I felt on that gig last year. In the past, that marathon of church gigs would kill my face so much that I knew I had to take a day off the following day, ice my lips, and frankly – it worried me that I would be that tired. But in between some of the services last week, I put Robinson’s Remedies Lip Renew on my lips and the outer muscles and I honestly felt perfectly fine. It relieved any soreness in my lips and made them less swollen and everything felt easier to play. My lips were totally fine the next day and it didn’t feel like I had a marathon of gigs the day before AT ALL.

Fellow freelancers – I have to say this stuff has totally changed the game for me. On a week where it seems like everything is happening at the same time, from rehearsals, to teaching, to gigs – Robinson’s Remedies helps me get my lips back to a relaxed flexible state and eliminates any tiredness from playing too much.

I honestly was never one to play with chapstick or anything else on my face. I always thought it was uncomfortable and felt like it disturbed my embouchure. But one of the best parts about Robinson’s Remedies Lip Renew is that you can put it on your lips, wait a second for it to sink in, and then get back to playing – without it getting in your way or in your mouthpiece (ew lol).

So — what do you think? Do you want a product that will help you play better by helping your lips feel less fatigued and overworked? Need a last minute miracle to save you when your chops feel like s&*#? I have samples!!  I would love to mail you a sample of this amazing product so please feel free to contact me if you are interested.

If I have fully convinced you and you are ready to purchase some for yourself and other brass friends then check it out here and let me know how it is working for you! I would never feel comfortable sharing about just any product but Lip Renew has helped me so much and I sincerely hope you find it as amazing as I do!

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